Cancellation & Changes – in plain English


Our Refund Policy:  Any “Major Change” or Cancellation of a flexible full normal price service that is received more than 48 hours before the Service Start Time will not incur a change fee penalty and/or will be refunded in full.  Any Major Change or Cancellation for a flexible full normal price service received less than 48 hours before the Service Start Time will incur a late charge of up to 100% of the service price.

COVID related issues: permission to board a flight, permission to enter a country, and the related quarantine and other restrictions imposed on travelers are decided by local border control, local health authorities, and the airline carrier. Their decisions are not something we can influence. We are not responsible for any costs, additional fees, changes, inconvenience or delays arising from these official local policies & rules and their implementation.  They are not Force Majeure events and normal terms and conditions for changes or cancellations will be applied.

The decision by a passenger not to travel on a flight due to a change in quarantine, rules or health requirements will be regarded as a normal passenger Cancellation.

The decision by the airline or an airport border control authority to refuse permission for a passenger to leave or enter a country resulting in a no show will be regarded as a normal passenger Cancellation. 

A passenger’s inability or unwillingness to conform with and/or get required documentation and/or test results that are needed for departure, transit or arrival will be regarded as a normal passenger Cancellation.

The “Service Start Time”:  The service start time is the airline’s scheduled time of arrival (STA) or scheduled time of departure (STD)

Making a “Major Change”: A Major Change is an amendment which results in the need for us to re-book a service. It includes, but is not limited to, (i) a change of date (ii) a change of airport (iii) or change of service start time of more than 3 hours (iv) a change of flight number requested less than 3 hours before scheduled flight time (v) a change of terminal (vi) a change of airline or flight that makes the intended service impossible or materially different, (vii) a reduction in the scope or value of the service and/or the number of passengers being served.

Notification of changes:  It is the passenger’s or their travel arranger’s responsibility to let us know by Email of any change to their booking, including if a flight is re-timed or cancelled.  Any such change notification that is sent by Email to us during our normal business hours will be deemed as received at the time it was sent.   Any change notification that is sent to us outside our normal Business Hours will be deemed as being received at 08:00am on the next day

Business Hours:  Our normal business hours (during which orders and notifications are deemed received) are 08:00am – 23:59pm Malaysia Time

Force Majeure:  We are not responsible for the impact of unavoidable acts of nature occurring 48 hours or less before the service stat time (i.e. Force Majeure events) whether or not due to weather, air traffic, or flight cancellations, and that results in delay, re-routing, missed connection, cancellation, and/or knock on effects.  Our cancellation policy applies to any and all Major Changes and/or service Cancellations whether avoidable or not.

Extra Passengers and additional services: Unexpected additional passengers will normally be served if requested by the booked lead passenger, where possible, where allowed by border control, and providing the local service provider is given:

– a verifiable request as evidence (could be an email, a text message or a signed form);
– which is from a named person (could be a security staff, tour manager, a local agent, a translator or guide); and
– who has the authority to incur extra charges (payable by the booked and expected clients)

In some airports, where it is required to have advance approval for each named passenger from border control officers for the VIP service, it is possible to serve unexpected guests.

Where last minute additional passengers are served,  the rate applicable to the unexpected additional passenger or passengers will be the published rate for that number of additional passengers eg: two unexpected extra passengers will be charged at the normal two person rate.

No name change allowed: The booked service may not be transferred to another person.

Full Terms and Conditions:  the above is  a summary:  the full and applicable terms and conditions can be found here:   Terms and Conditions